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Changes in Disability Laws; What Commercial Property Owners Need to Know (SB 1186)

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Governor Brown recently approved significant changes to California’s Disabled Access laws.  Those changes are summarized on Weintraub’s Labor & Employment blog.  As a commercial property owner, you need to modify your leases as of July 1, 2013.  You must include in your lease or rental agreement a statement about whether or not the property has undergone inspection by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp).    This is a new requirement which should not be overlooked.  What is a CASp you might ask?  A CASp is a person who has been tested and certified by the State of California that business owners can hire to assess accessibility of a building to ensure compliance with disability access standards and obtain an inspection report as proof of inspection.  The State of California publishes a list of CASp specialists which includes their certification number and expiration date of their certification.  Please see the attached link.

If you have any questions on California’s Disability Laws and how it affects your property, please contact  Donna Holtz.