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FSMA Rules Forthcoming/ 32nd Annual Northwest Food Safety and Sanitation Workshop

Posted in Food Safety, Food Safety Modernization Act

We attended the 32nd Annual Northwest Food Safety and Sanitation Workshop last week.  Including learning everything we wanted to know about e.coli, listeria, and hairy pests, we learned about various sanitation techniques. Of most significance to my practice were discussions about FSMA (Food Safety and Modification Act) and the management regulations that are significantly overdue.  Most of the pundits  are predicting that the new rules will be forthcoming now that the election is over and that they will look similar to existing HAACP rules and incorporate Good Management Practices.

The next conference of interest is the North West Food Processors Association  conference  in January at which time there will be several discussion sof FSMA.  I will be speaking on Proposition 65 and the California Green Chemistry Regulations. See this blog for an update.