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Product Tracing Pilot Projects Reports Released

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FDA has released a report  on two product tracing pilot projects that were  conducted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)  fro the FDA .  The  two pilot projects, one for processed foods and one for produce,obtained input from the industry, the USDA, state agencies and consumer groups on proposed foods and/or ingredients and product tracing technologies . The pilots are were required under section 204 of FSMA  also requires FDA to establish recordkeeping requirements for high-risk foods to help in tracing products.  Afrter comments, FDA will initiate rulemaking on recordkeeping requirements for high-risk foods to facilitate tracing. The FDA must define high-risk foods, considering such factors as the known risks of a food based on foodborne illness data, the likelihood that a particular food has a high potential risk for contamination, and the likely severity of an illness.