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DTSC Issues Final Green Chemistry Regulations

Posted in Green Chemistry, Prop 65

With little public notice the final version of the Green Chemistry regulations has been released.  The final regulations show no substantive changes made to the regulations from the April version that has already been reviewed and commented upon.  OAL has until August 29 to complete its review of the regulations which requires OAL to make a number of findings and when OAL signs off the regulations become effective.

In summary,  the  DTSC from a list of  “Candidate Chemicals” will identify particular “Chemicals of Concern” and “Priority Products” for which an analysis of alternative chemicals must be accomplished to determine how to limit exposures or the adverse level of environmental impacts.  The DTSC is then to identify and require implementation of a regulatory responses for  Priority Products if the manufacturer retains theProduct and the chemical of concern.  There are also listing and delisting provisions for Candidate Chemicals.